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By accessing the present Website, you agree with terms of use described below, without prejudice to any contractual or criminal recourse that can be exercised by Royal Sybaris. Any disputes regarding the interpretation or the execution of a contractual agreement mentioned on this Website will be the exclusive competence of the Luxembourg Court of Law in full compliance with the Luxembourg laws.


1. Object and acceptance of GTU
All present terms of use (hereafter <>) have as a sole object to define the conditions, access and usage modalities of the present Website (hereafter <>), edited by The LEDIFIS GROUPE (hereafter « LEDIFIS GROUPE») company. Simply by accessing or by using the Website means the acceptance, without any reservations from the part of the user of the present GTU.

2. Accepted user behaviors
• The user agrees to browse the Website according to the instructions that appear on the screen.
• The user is forbidden to use the Website or its proposed services in ma manner that violates the current regulations, and generally, a manner that undermines the interests, the notoriety, the reputation or the image of Royal Sybaris.
• Consequently, the user shall in no case :
o Use whatsoever devices that could perturb and/or endanger the well-functioning of the Website and the services published on the Website ;
o Share, send contents, in whatever form, regarding : xenophobia, racism, incitement to racial hatred, pedophilia, pornography, death threats, defamation, insults, infringe the rights of third parties, especially, intellectual property rights and the right to respect for the private life ;
o To engage in sending unsolicited emails in an abusive manner (spam emails and /or repeated emails to one/more recipients) ;
o And more generally, collecting personal contact information published on the Website especially with commercial purposes. The ads authors cannot be contacted for any other reasons but the purpose if their ad by any means whatsoever.

3. Royal Sybaris Responsibilities
Royal Sybaris takes all the necessary cautions to the creation and update of the Website , especially when it comes to real estate ads. Therefore, not having full control of the data base, the information presented on this Website, Royal Sybaris does not guarantee that the ladder are exact, free of error and complete, or that they respond perfectly to your needs. Consequently, Royal Sybaris cannot be held responsible for any damages that could result from the full usage of the Website and /or its contents by any user.
Royal Sybaris reserves the right, at any moment, to modify, suspend or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, the entire Website or parts of the Website without notifying you in advance. Royal Sybaris cannot be held responsible, with regard to the user or with regard to any third parties, of any modifications, suspensions, and interruptions of the Website, including Website access problems or services published on the Website, for any reason whatsoever.
Royal Sybaris invites all users to signal any problems related to content that appears to the illegal, offensive, shocking or not in compliance with the legal requirements by using the functions dedicated to this issue presented on the Website. In such cases, Royal Sybaris will be able to take all actions considered necessary in case of non-authorized or illegal use of its Website.
Finally, your recognize and accept expressly that Royal Sybaris will not be held responsible for any damages resulted from any relations, of any nature whatsoever, established between you and the author of an ad or any other partner that provides contents or services on the Website. In this specific case, you can only inquire the responsibility of the author or third party partners.

4. Intellectual property
Royal Sybaris implements the proper legal measures and technique in order to protect the rights of intellectual property.
Therefore, Royal Sybaris undertakes the task to:
• Inform its users about their obligations regarding the exploitation of protected contents ;
• To contribute to the actions of competent authorities regarding the fight against counterfeiting on demand ;
• Royal Sybaris owns the rights referring to certain data protected by OBPI (The Benelux Office for intellectual Property). This particularly applies to all of its brands, graphics, and data base. Consequently, the use of the above mention rights, offline or online, for free or for a certain fee, of all or part of this data without the priory expressed consent of Royal Sybaris is forbidden.
Consequently, the user cannot, in any case :
• Reproduce, represent, use, publish, by whatsoever means and under whatsoever form or support, the Website, and any constitutive elements of this Website (text, photos, images, videos, sounds, software, brand, logo, or any other distinctive signs), except for strictly private purposes, under the reserve to preserve on any imprinted copy all the copyright notices and all of the other legal notes displayed on the original ;
• To extract by permanent or temporary transfer , or to reuse by making available to the public, the totality or a substantially quantitatively or qualitatively part or the ads or other data bases presented on this Website, as well as making an excerpt or a reuse, in a repeated and systematic manner, of qualitatively or quantitatively non substantial parties, whenever these actions clearly exceed the normal usage conditions ;
• To exploit, to commercialize, to distribute to the benefit to third parties, under whatsoever form, the Website, or any constitutive elements of the Website, the ads and other data bases presented on this Website ;
• To modify, to retract, to alter, by whatsoever means and under whatsoever form or support, all or part of the various intellectual and copyright property notices displayed on the Website.
Any improper use of the above mentioned provisions is illegal and will lead to prosecution.

5. Protection of private life and sensitive information
Royal Sybaris collects personal information provided by users at the moment they visit the Website. This collection of information allows us to :
• Establishing general statistics about the traffic of various parties on the Website ;
• Sending responses, miscellaneous information or ads from the Website or its partners to the users’ email addresses ;
• Sending inquiries from third party partners carefully selected by Royal Sybaris.
Any Website user can demand, at any time, that his/her information to be kept private and not being displayed to third parties.
The Collection and processing of sensitive information over the internet must be carried with respect to the fundamental right of any person. Consequently, Royal Sybaris is committed to a processing policy in full compliance with the law number 78-17 from 6 January 1978 regarding computers, files and freedom.
All Website users have, under the above mentioned law :
• Right to access ;
• Right to rectify. any personal information that refer to them. They can exercise this right by contacting Royal Sybaris at :
– LEDIFIS GROUPE – 25 A boulevard ROYAL – L2449 LUXEMBOURG Phone.: (+352) 22 58 29-1 - Fax: (+352) 22 58 28
Email :
Computers that connect to the Royal Sybaris servers will receive on their drive one or more files in text format commonly named <>. Cooking generally record information related to website browsing performed by the computer on which the <> is stored (the pages you visit, login date and hour etc.). They allow successive visits performed from the same computer.
Persons connected to the Website have the freedom to refuse the recording of <>. In order to do so, they must access the browser settings.

6. Protection of persons, minors and properties
Royal Sybaris would like to contribute to the development of internet networks regarding fair practice and in compliance with morality.
Royal Sybaris considers very important the fight against the spread of illegal information and contents (with abusive, defamatory, racist, pedophile character ...) and the protection of minors.
Consequently, Royal Sybaris undersigns :
• To contribute to the actions of competent authorities on demand ;
• To publish ads according to the related legal regulations.
The Website use thus undersigns not to use the Website with other purposes than the ones mentioned by the current regulations and laws, especially not to propose information that is :
• With abusive, defamatory, racist (…) character or which attaints at the honor or reputation of someone else ;
• Contrary to the public order, morality, respect for privacy, to the principle of secrecy of correspondence ;
• Incites to hate and discrimination ;
• With pornographic or pedophile character ;
• Incites to commit a crime, felony or an act of terrorism or advocating war crimes or crimes against humanity.

7. Hyperlinks to other websites
The Website includes hyperlinks to other websites published by third parties. The posting of such links does not signify the approval of Royal Sybaris regarding the content of the above mentioned websites. Royal Sybaris is not able to control on a permanent basis the contents of the mentioned websites, thus it cannot guarantee :
• The precision, the reliability, the pertinence, the updates or the completeness of their content ;
• Their access and proper technical functionality.
Consequently, Royal Sybaris cannot be held responsible in case of eventual litigations between a website referred on this Website and a user. Only the publishers of such websites referred to the Website hold the sole responsibility in such cases.

8. Security of data transfer
Royal Sybaris commits to implement all the legal measures and techniques for securing data transfer. Therefore, Royal Sybaris undertakes an obligation of means for stopping data loss whilst respecting the applicable regulations.
Nevertheless, considering the technical particularities of internet networks, the user must agree that the reliability of data transfer over the internet is relative, especially considering the heterogenic character of the network.